Thanks for stopping by! I am a writer of children’s articles and books. I absolutely love seeing children get lost in reading.  I write eco-adventure fiction stories and non fiction that take children into the depths of the outdoors and on journeys into amazing worlds and activities.


FACES Magazine The Dominica Republic Issue April 2016Just in time for the opening of the baseball season, catch my three articles in the April 2016 issue of FACES magazine on The Dominican Republic. The Dominicans are baseball fanatics and MLB has more Dominican players than from any other country than the U.S.! How does this tiny country do that? Learn more in my articles, Baseball is a Way of Life, Dominican Republic’s Top Baseball Stars, and Baseball Next Stars: Dominican Youth Academies.


March 2016 FACES magazineI have two articles in the beautiful March 2016 issue of FACES magazine, KENYA – A DIVERSE LAND. This issue takes a look at the beauty, history, runners and changing landscape of Kenya.  I’m an avid runner and learned about the food the runners eat and the changing role of women in Kenya. That spawned my queries and two articles were accepted: The Changing Role of Women, A Kaleidoscope of Food and Drink (with Ugali and Irio Recipes).


Soccer in the Spotlight FACES Issue May June 2014. Reprinted with permission from Cobblestone PublishingMy four soccer articles appeared in the blockbuster May/June issue of FACES magazine, ALL EYES ON BRAZIL 2014, Soccer in the Spotlight. This issue focuses on the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup. I am part of an avid soccer family. They gave me ideas for queries to submit to FACES magazine. FACES accepted all three, and asked that I do one more!  My articles are When the Cup Comes to Town, Training the World’s Next Stars, Growing Up: in a Football Academy, and Top Players to Watch. Click on the cover to see all four articles.

Also with AppleSeeds magazine is my article Twinkie Tells All in the May/June 2014 issue on Snakes. If the famous, largest albino python in the world could talk, what would she say? She holds nothing back about her life and what’s it like to be the most popular python! Find out about the snake that has 10,000 Facebook likes!



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