Middle Grade and Chapter Books

Marsh World Chapter Book Series & Middle Grade

Pickleweed turns red when it is loaded with salt in the fall.

I love running along the marsh.  I use to think it was just a bog of weeds and trash. Now I know it is filled with animals and adventures. As I work on chapter books to share the marsh world,  I explore the challenges they face to survive, understand the big animals (humans – who really understand them?) and the stories of kids living near the marsh.

Marsh World Chapter Books (ages 7-10)
The marsh, one of the richest ecosystems, looks like muck. Marshes have been filled in, paved over, and used as dumping grounds.

Salt marsh harvest mouse on the tip of her favorite food and habitat, salty pickleweed.

Works in Progress (WIP) or Completed

The marsh world is filled with animals struggling to survive, such as Rachel Rose, the salt marsh mouse; Big Blue Heron; Nico, the red-legged frog; and Callie, the river otter. We see their world through their eyes, not looking down on them.Their health and survival shows us how healthy we are. We are not all that healthy.

And we see the marsh world through Della, a 4th grader with a dirt aversion, who lives near the marsh and Frog Pond. She falls in love with two endangered animals that jump into her backpack, only to discover her papa, an excavator driver, will fill in Frog Pond.

The Big Bad Book Club – Stealing is Stealing  Middle Grade (8 – 13)

Five 5th graders are feared and respected. They meet in a haunted classroom and help kids with problems using the unique checklists they developed and the books they’ve read. But when one of the members is accused of stealing a tablet, they create a checklist to find the thief, spiral along a path to another thief ,and uncover the “haunting”.  The stealing never ends.