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Saving Mali’s Migrating Desert Elephants

Saving Mali’s Migrating Desert Elephants

Mali’s Desert Elephants are baraka—a blessing to the people and environment. But drought, militant violence, poachers, expanding herds and farms, and encroaching human settlement threaten the elephants’ survival.

“Internet Ocean” (c) Ask Science Magazine, Oct. 2019 Cricket Media

This is my first article in Ask magazine and probably one of the hardest articles to write. To me, getting information on our computers seems like magic. But learning about the cables the size of a hose on the ocean floor that get the information to our computers is equally incredible. Enjoy Internet Ocean.

The Maldives and Their Fight Against Rising Seas, FACES magazine, April 2019

Island nations such as the Maldives live with the stark reality that their countries will be under water from climate change. This is not fifty years out. It’s now. These island nations have limited choices—relocate or elevate. The Maldives are taking immediate action, and calling on other nations to help. Read more in my FACES magazine article, The Maldives and Their Fight Against Rising Seas.

The Huli People of Papua New Guinea: From Isolation to Theft of Their Natural Resources

The Huli people have tribal customs from thousands of years. When the Europeans “discovered” them in the 1940’s, life changed. And not all for the good, nor that benefited the Huli. “Modernization” has brought broken contracts, theft of land and resources, guns, and violence to protect what is theirs. FACES Magazine, March 2019 issue, INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, The Huli People of Papua New Guinea: From Isolation to Theft of Their Natural Resources.

FACES Magazine, Great Cities of the World: Tokyo, 1/18 — Two articles: Bento Boxes and Japanese Lacquerware, and Manga and Anime Mania

I’ve worked and traveled to Japan for the video game industry. I probably was the first woman to do that!!! So exciting and fun! My Japanese colleague sent me lots of stunning lacquerware, and I got a little hooked on manga. So getting the assignment for these two articles was a great joy to relive the relationships and thrills.

Bento Boxes and Japanese Lacquerware

Manga and Anime Mania


“People of Peace” Faces Magazine, April 2018 — Malala Yousafzai and Tegla Loroupe

For this issue on People of Peace, I focused on two of the areas I love – running and education and submitted queries on two extraordinary people who have changed the world with their efforts towards peace and human dignity.

Malala Yousafzai: Youngest Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Malala Yousafzai has been a forthright advocate of a girl’s right to education in her native Pakistan since she started her blog when she was 11 years old.  She spoke out with her father about the necessity of education, while under tremendous threat to her life. At 15, she was shot by the Taliban – a shot heard around the world. After a lengthy recovery she continues her efforts and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tegla Loroupe — Olympian, Groundbreaking Marathoner & Peace Builder

Tegla has been underestimated her whole life. Her petite stature belies the power within. From a poor village in Kenya, she fought her way to become a leading runner, marathon, Olympian and record breaker. She did not turn her back on her country, but returned to use her stature and recognition to help others and her country for peace. She established Peace marathons and sought ways to bring peace to areas suffering from the effects of violence.

Tartan, Not Just Plaid – The Scottish Heritage of the World Famous Weave

All around the world, people wear plaid. It might be one of the most best-known, well-recognized patterns in the world. The real honor for the pattern goes to Scotland, and the accurate Scottish name is “tartan.” The saying goes, ” All tartans are plaid, but not all plaids are tartans.”

Tartan describes the Scottish woven cloth. Read the article here.

Sydney, Australia Issue, FACES Magazine, Cobblestone Publishing

My mum and sisters migrated to Australia over 35 years ago, so I’ve been to Australia several times to visit and tour. When it came time to query FACES magazine for the Sydney issue, I asked my neighbor from Melbourne, Australia with two children what she thought would be a good topic — and she said, “Why the Taronga Zoo!” And that is what I pitched.  You definitely need more than one day to experience this zoo — in fact, you need to stay overnight in their safari tents! Check out Sleep Overnight and More at the Taronga Zoo!


I was also happily surprised when I received my magazine copies. FACES also reprinted an article I had done earlier, The Dreamtime of Australia’s Aboriginal People.


February, 2017, The Greatest Rivers of the World, FACES magazine

After writing earlier articles on Cambodia, I learned how the Mekong River is the life and livelihood of millions of Southeast Asians. I received the assignment to write “The Mekong River: Who Owns the Water?” as one of the greatest rivers in the world and examine how the countries along the Mekong all seek to harness its power and resulting wealth for their own use. Dams, climate change, and deforestation along the river all threaten the use, health and access to the water by millions of people, many the poorest in the world.

Morocco: Land of Extremes, January 2017, FACES Magazine

Morocco is a beautiful, bustling, mystical country. One of the lovely traditions is the making and sharing of sweet Moroccan mint tea. It is a sign of welcome, respect and calm. Read “The Power and Beauty of Moroccan Mint Tea.”

Moroccan life revolves around their Muslim faith and family. The family includes the extended family and decisions are made as a family as a close knit unit. Read “Family Life.

Cambodia, FACES Magazine, September 2016

Cambodia is a new democracy struggling to make its way in the modern world. After years of brutal wars, its resilient people fight to lift themselves to compete and improve the daily lives of their people.

In “Recovering From Wars” I take a close look at how the country is making strides in it efforts to recover from horrific wars and set a new course.

The country still struggles with corruption in the government and corporations. Environmental activist Leng Ouch went undercover to show the world how the forests of Cambodia are being stripped by greedy officials and corporations. Read “Leng Ouch Fights to Save Forests.”

The World of Dogs, October 2016, FACES Magazine

My three articles in The World of Dogs were so much fun! I loved writing about honoring dogs and showing what heroes they are in all they do.

In Crime Fighting Dogs, we learn how the dogs train to help and protect. The dog and their handler are an inseparable team to fight crime.

What could be better than a holiday and celebration honoring dogs – everyone’s best friend? Nepal celebrates Kukar Tihar and does exactly that! Read about it in Holiday Just for Dogs!

Ashes, a beautiful chocolate Labrador, is a critical part of the investigative team for Brooktrails Fire Department in Mendocino County, CA. She sniffs out 18-22 hydro-carbon- based materials used to start fires and is also cross trained to identify the scent of gun powder and cleaning solvents used with guns. Ashes is Serious About Her Work!


Children’s Magazine Articles Coming Up

I am thrilled to receive five more assignments from FACES Magazine. I love writing for the Cricket Media group.

I have two articles in the September 2016 issue on Cambodia. These articles were painful and challenging cambodia-deforestation-460x259to write. The first Leng Ouch Fights to Save Forests is an uplifting story about the Goldman Environmental Prize winner, Leng Ouch. But his story is also heartbreaking as he has gone undercover to reveal the horrible corruption and deforestation of Cambodia’s forests. The second article was even harder, Recovering from Wars. This article shows the tremendous spirit, struggle and devotion of the Cambodian people to bring their country into modern times for their children and future generations after the brutality and devastation of wars.


Ashes, Accelerant (Arson) K9 for Mendocino County, CA

William Turner, Homeland Security, with K9 Cheeto, monitoring the Eugene Marathon, Oregon, 2016

William Turner, Homeland Security, with bomb sniffing K9 Cheeto, monitoring the Eugene Marathon, Oregon, 2016

The October issue on DOGS presented a terrific opportunity  to shower dogs with recognition and appreciation. Who knew there was a holiday for dogs! In Holiday Just for Dogs learn about Nepal’s day of celebration, food and decorations for all dogs! Crime Fighting Dogs show how dogs’ extraordinary sense of smell makes them critical partners to sniff out bombs, drugs and accelerants used in setting fires. Ashes is Serious About Her Work shows how Ashes is Chief Schoeppner’s partner and friend serving to save lives and fight crime for the Brooktrails Fire Department in Mendocino County and throughout Northern California.


FACES Magazine Issue: The Dominican Republic – 3 articles: Baseball is a Way of Life, Dominican Republic’s Top Baseball Stars, Baseball Next Stars: Dominican Youth Academies

Baseball is the heart and passion of the Dominican Republic. It is the number one sport and if a kid can FACES Magazine The Dominica Republic Issue April 2016hold a bat, he or she is playing baseball. This tiny country spawns more MLB  (Major League Baseball) players than any other country in the world, except for the U.S.

How do they do this? In Baseball is a Way of Life, you  learn that love of the game, talent, drive, respect, training and coaching are just part of mix. It’s the hunger for a better life that pushes so many young players along the road of baseball.

Baseball Next Stars: Dominican Youth Academies opens the window onto the culture of identifying and recruiting young talent – some as young as 12 or 13. They compete hard, many times from impoverished families and with the help of a buscon, to get the eye of one of the MLB team academies in the Dominican.

Hundreds of Dominican players are signed every year by the MLB. And many rise to the the premier level of baseball. In Dominican Republic’s Top Baseball Stars, five players are featured: Jose Alberto (Albert) Pujols, Robinson Jose Cano, David Ortiz, Nelson Ramon Cruz, and Jose Antonio Bautista.

Faces Magazine Articles: The Changing Role of Women in Kenya, A Kaleidoscope of Food

I have been an avid runner for years and am mesmerized by the runners of Kenya. I asked the same questions as many people around the world. Why has this impoverished country had more outstanding runners than any other country in the world? That took me on my research quest to learn about Kenya, the runners, their food, training, desire, poverty and their unique training environment. My path then led me to the government, the role of women in the nation and the behemoth amount of work that women do. I March 2016 FACES magazinelearned this new democratic nation legislated gender equality in 2010. Kenya is the most progressive of African nations as Kenya recognizes the huge and extraordinary contribution women make. If you have chance, take a look at my articles — The Changing Role of Women, and A Kaleidoscope of Food and Drink, FACES Magazine for children, March 2016 on Kenya – A Diverse Land

FACES 2014 Magazine “ALL EYES ON BRAZIL 2014: Soccer in the Spotlight” – Four new articles

Soccer in the Spotlight FACES Issue May June 2014. Reprinted with permission from Cobblestone PublishingThis incredible issue focuses on the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup. I have four articles in this issue. I am part of an avid soccer family. They gave me ideas for queries to submit to FACES magazine. FACES accepted all three, and asked that I do one more – Could I find academy players to interview? Of course! I never turn down a challenge. Click on each article page below to see the whole article.

When the Cup Comes to Town by Colette Weil Parrinello from FACES Issue Soccer in the Spotlight 2014 Cricket Media published by Cobblestone Publishing. All rights reserved. Used by permission of

When the Cup Comes to Town” takes a critical look at what really happens when a country agrees to host the FIFA World Cup. Is it just one big party? Who pays for the party? And what happens when everyone leaves after over a month of celebration and games?

Training the World's Next Stars by Colette Weil Parrinello from FACES Issue Soccer in the Spotlight 2014 Cricket Media published by Cobblestone Publishing. All rights reserved. Used by permission of www.cobblestonepub.comTraining the World’s Next Stars” takes you inside a youth football academy. Many World Cup teams have famous, highly skilled players that were brought up in football academies in Europe and South America. Players were spotted as young as 6 years old by scouts. How do you get into an academy? How much do the players train? What is the United States doing to compete on this powerful international player stage?

Growing Up: in a Football Academy” spotlights three players, Ryan Palmbaum, 14, of Club Atletico Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires, Growing Up in a Football Academy by Colette Weil Parrinello from FACES Issue Soccer in the Spotlight 2014 Cricket Media published by Cobblestone Publishing. All rights reserved. Used by permission of www.cobblestonepub.comArgentina, Issac McGinnis, 14, U.S. Soccer Revolution Empire Development Academy, Rochester, New York, and Tommy Gallina, 14, also with U.S. Soccer Revolution Empire Development Academy. Their schedules are eye-openers.

Top Young Players to Watch by Colette Weil Parrinello from FACES Issue Soccer in the Spotlight 2014 Cricket Media published by Cobblestone Publishing. All rights reserved. Used by permission of www.cobblestonepub.comTop Young Players to Watch” picks just five of the hottest young players. It was hard to choose and everyone has their favorites – so add these player cards to your collection. They are thrilling to watch, and have worked with brilliance for their position on the field.

From FACES Magazine: Soccer in the Spotlight 2014 Cricket Media, Published by Cobblestone Publishing Company, 30 Grove Street, Suite, Peterborough, N.H., 03458. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the publisher.

AppleSeeds Magazine Issue: Snakes – Twinkie Tells All

Twinkie Tells All from AppleSeeds Issue Snakes May June 2014. Reprinted with permission from Cobblestone PublishingTwinkie has a lot to say! She’s the most popular snake at the Reptile Zoo in the Prehistoric Pets Store in Fountain Valley, CA. That’s not the only reason she was named the largest albino python by the Guinness World Records 2014. She’s got some real personality and everyone loves her. Sometimes all that love can be overwhelming. Read more by just clicking on the article and see the amazing pictures of the 23 foot long, 356 pound TWINKIE!

Faces Magazine Issue: 2014 Czech Republic

The Change to Freedom cover 2014 ePals Media Published by Cobblestone Publishing. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.The Czech Republic has a history of freedom. But when the Nazi’s marched in, everything changed. Then WWII ended and the Communists took over. But the Czech’s never gave up. In The Change to Freedom, their fight for democracy and freedom will open your eyes to this small country’s fortitude.

Small countries as the Czech Republic don’t have a ton of money for worldwide Its An Honor by Colette Weil Parrinello Faces Issue on Czech Republic. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Cobblestone Publishing Coconsulates. But they do have honorary consulate generals, as Mr. Richard Pivnicka, who are dignitaries that serve without a salary and report to the consulate general. Their work is crucial in helping  Czech citizens and the Czech Republic.  It’s An Honor takes a peek at the work done by the Honorary Consulate General for San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World in AppleSeeds Magazine

AppleSeeds Magazine’s current issue, It’s the Greatest, peeks at the greatest things in the world.  I pitched a few queries – the sewing machine, The Great Pyramid, and Our National Park System. I was assigned the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was a wonder to whittle down to 2- 3 sentences on each Ancient Wonder after lots and lots of hours of research.

Scroll to page 2 & 3!

New Assignment from Appleseeds Magazine

I’m excited about this new assignment – a short article about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  I loved the research. I checked out every book from the children’s library section in our county – some were good, some were okay, and some were downright boring. How could this be boring?

So here is my short list of top “Wow, that’s something!” gleaned from the research.

The Great Pyramid: The only wonder that is still standing. But contrary to lots of articles, the pyramid was not built by slaves but willing volunteers (probably farmers during off season) to help and honor the Pharaoh.

The Lighthouse at Alexandria: They discovered the mirror and used a sheet of metal to reflect the sun out to sea.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Equally as astounding as the gardens supposedly were, the wall around the city was so thick and wide, that chariots could drive by each other like a 2-lane highway.Seven_Wonders-2_Colossus_of_Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes: He was made of brass plates. When he crashed to the ground from an earthquake, you could walk through his body  parts.

The Statue of Zeus: Built to honor Zeus and the sports festival held every 4 years, the Olympics. The men raced naked! The women had a separate sports competition. (But we don’t know if they were naked, too.)

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus: Who knew that the word “mausoleum” comes from this huge tomb built by King Mausolus? Of course, on the roof of his tomb, he had huge statues of a chariot of gold with 4 horses, and he was the driver.

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus: Super ginormous temple all made of marble. Writers said it seemed to float into the sky.