ŸMy first name, Colette, is French. The same as a famous racy French author.  But most people think of  Colette as a name for a French poodle.
I grew up in Campbell, CA. Our front and back yards were filled with cherry trees. Pit wars were common.

  • ŸGrowing up, I was an avid mystery reader, roller skater, biker, cookie-dough eater, athlete, letter girl and song girl cheerleader.
  • ŸI’m the taller one with my sisters in Easter dresses. At 12, I thought this organza dress was awful. My sister Linda, 8, loved it. What did I know? Linda is now a renowned Australian Wildlife and Nature Artist. My youngest sister Karen, 2, was our fluffy baby doll.
  • ŸAt 14 I wanted to move out of my house.
  • ŸI paid my own way through college working part-time in retail stores.  I sewed nearly all of my clothes.
  • My first real job after college was interviewing kids in video and pinball game rooms about prototype Atari coin-operated video games. I went to graduate school at night to get my MBA.
  • ŸWriting and running are my heartbeats. I’ve written journals since I was 8.
  • I’ve run 10 marathons and lots of half marathons. My favorite was the New York Marathon. I love running in San Francisco and Marin and try to run in new cities, hills, countries, to feel the local pulse.
  • ŸI’ve traveled a lot with my husband and two children and with my work. Our favorite times are during soccer championships, the World Cup, in Kaua’i, and with my husband’s family in Sicily.
  • ŸI hate scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, poached eggs and French toast.
  • ŸI have a hard time letting my children leave on an airplane trip without watching them until the very last moment they have gone down the runway. They know this and turn around for a final wave.
  • ŸI love cars. I’ve hit a train and survived. I love driving fast, but keep this under control.
  • ŸI love my family, faith, writing, running, nature, reading, hiking, sports,  music, traveling, history and friends, plus all things Italian and Berlin, Germany.

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