Writing & Marketing Consulting

I love writing and devising creative angles to solve problems. That’s the backbone of my work. My background is in marketing, starting in consumer research, then as an executive in corporate management, and as a consultant for over twenty years working with start-ups as small as 6 people to large corporations and organizations employing thousands.

I’ve published many articles in health care magazines and related publications including feature stories and ongoing bylines. I have a knack to get to the heart of a organization, effort, product or need. I’ve worked with over 100 firms helping them achieve market successes.

When not writing children’s magazine articles or working on book manuscripts, I consult with firms on getting their message out, coming up with new business approaches to launch a new product, or devising a branding campaign.

A good, simple, creative, authentic, well-written concept or message will drive an entire new business or product.

Words with passion, guts and honesty are powerful.